Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my pre-order?

Our Porsche 911 GT2 book will be printed in October 2021. Expect it to ship late November. 

When will you charge me for pre-orders?

When pre-ordering the 911 GT2 book, your credit card will be charged immediately and your book will be shipped when it becomes available.

How fast is the shipping?

We are shipping from our base in Germany with DHL to destinations within Germany (2 working days) and internationally with UPS or FedEx (3-8 working days, depending on which continent). This guarantees working tracking numbers from our fulfillment center until your doorstep. 

Can I reserve a number?

Unfortunately not. We are trying to keep the logistics as simple as possible for our first book.  

How are taxes, VAT, and duty handled?

rpm Books is a business entity registered in Germany. VAT is collected for all orders delivered within Germany and the countries of the European Union (EU). Buyers will be charged the German reduced 7% VAT tax rate for books as part of the checkout process. 

For purchases outside the EU, we cannot predict the additional charges or taxes that may be required. Customs policies differ in each country. USA and Australia for example don't collect duties on books as long as they stay below a threshold of 1000 Dollars.